Bomber Command: Battle Of Berlin Failed To Return

Bomber Command: Battle Of Berlin Failed To Return

Author: Andy MacDonald Howard Sandall Nicole Russell Robert Owen Sean Feast Steve Bond Steve Darlow ISBN: 9780993415272
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'Tonight you are going to the Big City. You will have the opportunity to light a fire in the belly of the enemy that will burn his black heart out.' The message from Commander-in-Chief of RAF Bomber Command Sir Arthur Harris was clear. As the Second World War continued into a fifth year, the airmen of Bomber Command were to fly deep into hostile airspace and bring the war direct to the German Nazi capital Berlin. From the autumn of 1943 to the last days of winter in early 1944, during the hours of extended darkness, the bomber crews braved the flak, the searchlights, enemy night fighters and extremes of weather, to bombard the 'black heart'. Prior to the all-out campaign against the 'Big City' Sir Arthur Harris firmly believed his bomber force could break the German will to wage war, but he also prophesied that 'It will cost us between 400 and 500 aircraft'. Fighting High Publishing brings together acclaimed Bomber Command historians to tell the story of some of the thousands of airmen who failed to return from operations as part of the 1943 and 1944 Bomber Command Battle of Berlin. The authors, utilising family archives, personal testimony and records, wartime memoirs, diaries and letters, witness recollections, logbooks, and official documents, piece together the remarkable, yet ultimately tragic events surrounding the losses described. Illustrated throughout with previously unpublished black and white and colour photographs Bomber Command Battle of Berlin Failed to Return ensures the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice is kept alive. 'We Will Remember Them'. AUTHORS: Andy Macdonald has always been fascinated by the men and women of RAF Bomber Command. Dr Robert Owen is an aviation historian and the Official Historian of the No. 617 Squadron Association. Dr Steve Bond served in the RAF for 22 years as an aircraft Propulsion Technician, before moving into the civilian aerospace industry, and subsequently joining City University as a Senior Lecturer. Steve Darlow is a Bomber Command historian, established military aviation author (with seventeen books to his name), and television documentary consultant and contributor.

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Publication Date 2017
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