London Club

London Club

Author: Nicole Trevillian ISBN: 9788881587513
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This title takes you on a photographic journey through cutting-edge fashion on display in London's vibrant clubs. In 1997, a new club called Trash changed the way London experienced music and clubbing forever. Gone was the ubiquitous mainstream techno of the 'super clubs', replaced instead by unique mixture of glam-rock, eighties new-wave, and the new underground movement 'electro-clash'. The style, glamour, and sparkle of the Trash regulars gave the dance floor an energy that help create one of the 21st century's most innovative and exciting underground music and fashion scenes. Following the success of Trash, other club nights emerged with similar themes, allowing clubbers the freedom to unleash their true selves. "London Club" takes readers on a fantastic visual tour of some of the cutting edge fashion seen in London's influential new-music clubs since the year 2000.

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Format Paperback
Other Info 70 full-colour photographs
Pages 112
Publication Date 2009
Publisher Edizioni Charta Srl