Mistress Extreme

Mistress Extreme

Author: Alex Jordaine ISBN: 9781908006929
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David falls under the hypnotic influence of the stunning dominatrix, Mistress Isabella. But this formidable femme will contact him on her terms only; he's never to contact her. On the infrequent occasions Isabella deigns to see David, she pushes him to his limits, subjecting him to one painful humiliation after another: heavy bondage, savage beatings, nipple torture, strap-on sex, fisting, you name it. Some of this takes place at an S&M sex club that is aptly named Club Depravity. At first David believes that Isabella has cast a spell on him, but comes to realise that she has simply tapped into the truth about who he really is. After a series of ever more challenging trials, the demanding dominatrix is finally satisfied with his performance and allows him to become her house-slave. David is elated with his new role but that elation is short-lived. Trouble is just around the corner in the person of cunning female submissive Jacqui who joins David in his Mistress's dungeon. David finds himself in serious trouble when he allows himself to be seduced by Jacqui and then lies to Isabella about the incident. The torturous punishment that follows takes David to the very end of his tether.
But still Isabella is not finished with him. Now he faces by far the greatest of all his trials. This time his whole future with his Mistress is on the line.

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Format Paperback
Other Info N/A
Pages 224
Publication Date 2011
Publisher Accent Press Ltd