Salt Book

Salt Book

Author: Fritz Gubler ISBN: 9316435045495
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From making your own salt to cooking the perfect steak, from specialty flavoured salts to salty ice cream, the recipes and techniques in this book range from the practical to the surprising. They will enable the reader to tackle some of the fundamentals of salting curing, pickling, brining and preserving as well as pair the right salt, in the right amount, with the right dish. The reader will also be introduced to some innovations, such as salt block cooking. What does it mean to salt wisely and well? Fritz Gubler and David Glynn advocate a salt wise approach to using salt, whether as an ingredient or a condiment. The authors advise that we need to be aware of the salt that we eat. We need to know how salt tastes, and if we have used too much, or too little. We need to use the right salt, in the right amount, for the right dish. To that end, this book contains a comprehensive guide to today s bewildering array of salts, to help you know your salt . The authors also state that we need to get rid of the salt shaker when salting food at the table. We need to use better salt more sparingly, rather than shaking table salt with abandon. An important part of being salt wise is eating well. We need to take the time to prepare food for ourselves which is healthy, tasty, and ecologically viable. We need to season that food sparingly, with quality salt that is made using natural processes. An important contribution to this book was made by Dr Russell Keast, Senior Lecturer, Exercise and Nutrition Science, Deakin University. Dr Keast is both a trained chef and a sensory scientist working in the field of taste and flavour research.

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Format Paperback
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Pages 208
Publication Date 2010
Publisher Arbon Publishing