Way Of The Strangers

Way Of The Strangers

Author: Graeme Wood ISBN: 9780241299623
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A radical rethinking of what ISIS is and what it really wants From Graeme Wood, author of the explosive Atlantic cover story "What ISIS Really Wants," comes the definitive book on the history, psychology, character, and aims of the Islamic State. Based on Wood's unprecedented access to supporters, recruiters, and high-ranking members of the most infamous jihadist group in the world, The Way of the Strangers is a riveting, fast-paced deep dive into the apocalyptic dogma that informs the group's worldview, from the ideas that motivate it, to the "fatwa factory" that produces its laws, to its very specific plans for the future. By accepting that ISIS truly believes the end is nigh, we can understand its strategy-and predict what it will do next.

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Format Paperback
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Pages 352
Publication Date 2017
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd